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Emergency Dental Care one call away!

At Smiles On Steeles, Dr. William Gutierrez understands how distressing a dental emergency can be to your overall well being. If you experience pain in a tooth, if your cheek is swollen, if you suspect a tooth infection, if the pain won't let you sleep at night, or if hot and cold cause discomfort, phone us for an emergency appointment.

Are you experiencing pain from a tooth or a specific area in your mouth? This will probably get worse with time. It will likely lead to infection. It will then be so painful that you won't be able to eat or sleep well, if at all. Don't wait. Call now for an emergency appointment.

Broken Tooth
There are many reasons why a tooth may break. One thing is sure though: it always occasions problems and discomfort. We will be able to identify the cause and discuss the treatment options during your emergency visit.

Lost Filling or Crown
It is possible that previous restorations deteriorate and dislodge with time. Our professionals can assess the damage and help you make proper choices to restore your teeth to normal.

Swollen Cheek
A swollen cheek may be caused by a tooth problem. Let our professionals assess your condition in a timely manner. If an infection is at the origin of the swelling, it may progress very quickly and become detrimental to your health, even dangerous. Let Dr. Assad take care of that problem before it gets too severe.

Any mouth injury - teeth, lips, gums, tongue, jaw bone - causes a trauma that is usually very painful and requires immediate professional care. Call on Dr. Assad to receive prompt and proper treatment.

Can you see me today?

We want to provide you with immediate relief. In many cases, we will be able to offer an appointment the same day. Just call 416-667-8777 during business hours to get an appointment that day.