Dental Emergency

If you don't have an appointment but find yourself needing Emergency dental care please drop into our office or call us:

M-F 10am-7pm

Sat 9am-5pm

Sunday By appoinment ONLY



What is a Dental Emergency?

A Dental Emergency is defined as requiring immediate attention for the following conditions:


  • Are you bleeding from the mouth?

  • Are you in severe pain?

  • Do you have any loose teeth?

  • Have you been hit in the face or mouth?

  • Do you have any swelling in the mouth or facial area?

  • Do you have any bulges, swelling or knots on your gums?

After Hours Emergency


After midnight for dental emergencies contact one of the following hospital emergency departments:


How to prevent a Dental Emergency

  • Get routine dental check-ups and cleanings

  • Wear a mouth guard to play sports in order to avoid chipped, knocked out, or broken teeth

  • Visit your dentist before traveling or going on vacation