Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infections, cyst formations, possible crowding and damage to adjacent teeth. An exam and digital X-ray by Dr Gutierrez can help diagnose your Third Molar status

Root Canals


Root Canal Therapy becomes necessary when an untreated cavity reaches all the way to the nerve of the tooth. An Infected tooth can be painful and will require treatment since it cannot heal on its own.



A Crown is a cap used to strengthen a damaged tooth. Crowns can also be placed to aesthetically improve the appearance of a tooth



When a tooth becomes damaged due to decay, a filling will restore the tooth back to its normal function and shape

Cleanings & Prevention


Cleanings by our Dental Hygienists involve removing plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces, this along with our prevention programs help avoid serious and costly dental problems 

Teeth Whitening


Enhance the beauty of your smile!

We offer our patients both in-home and in-office whitening systems

Dentures and Partial Dentures


Replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue with a complete or partial denture. Dentures are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and can even enhance your smile

Children's Dentistry


 From infants, toddlers, teens, and special needs, we offer a safe and inclusive environment for our young patients

Smiles Make-Over


Change crooked teeth, close gaps between teeth, irregularly-shaped teeth, stained teeth

chipped/cracked teeth and get the smile of your dreams

Night Guard


Night grinding and clenching can cause broken/chipped teeth, and also contribute to tooth sensitivity.  All that can easily be prevented by wearing a custom made night guard or Deprogrammer at night 

Fresh Breath Clinic


Halitosis better known as bad breath is directly related to certain bacteria found in the mouth. Don't just mask the problem, receive treatment that will successfully remove the problem-causing bacteria

Sports Guard


Children and adults involved with sports should protect the teeth, lips, tongue and jaw from injury with custom made Sports Guards.

And Much More

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